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Dental Crowns in Troy MO

When a tooth has received significant damage and cannot sustain a filling, a crown will be placed. Crowns can strengthen and restore the entire top portion of a tooth and serve two important functions. They enhance and restore the aesthetics of your face and smile, and they also keep your bite and jaw aligned to restore the function of the mouth. Crowns can also be a part of a fixed bridge to replace missing teeth. With modern dentistry and advanced technology, we can create crowns that closely resemble your natural teeth for a beautiful, natural-looking, and functional smile.

At New Edge Dental, we provide porcelain or gold crowns. Porcelain crowns are built on a metal base and fit tightly over your natural tooth. The shade of porcelain will be matched to your natural teeth to provide a beautiful, natural-looking smile. During your consultation with our dentist, you will discuss which crown material is right for you.

After your crown has been placed, make sure you continue your normal hygiene routine, including thoroughly brushing and flossing below the gum line, to help prevent further decay and the onset of periodontal disease.